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The End of the Chase

[After several enlightening mishaps and meeting several well-intentioned aliens, the clues from the scavenger hunt have led both teams to the pool on the west side of the building. There are several other aliens milling about, staring up at the windows to try and find the green one.

The last clue has been received. It's time to regroup, find where to go next, and confront the mastermind of this... network-sponsored scavenger hunt.]
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[Jane's been here, just. Following behind. She hadn't quite caught why everyone is leaving, though, and is giving the others confused looks. What is going on? Why are we leaving the pool?]
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[Xander puts a hand on her back and tilts his head up towards the windows- the curtain is still gone, but there has to have been SOMETHING there before... or Xander is finally having a stroke with how much he's quirking his eyebrows]
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[Hm? What's the touch for...what are those eyebrows for-]
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[Jane looks up in the proximity of wherever Xander is eyebrow-indicating. You...all think it's up there? For some reason?

...Well, why not, she does believe in you all.]

If you insist...
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[Sorry Jane... though it kinda looks like a Xander cosplayer is luring a Jane cosplayer up to their room for some kind of inappropriate photoshoot. Please don't ever ever tell him what kinda looks he might be getting.

cyan_maid: Jane doesn't know what the fuck is going on (What is even going on?)

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[oh no]
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[ turning around for some STAGE-WHISPER THREADJACKING ]


[ She doesn't mean to sound giddy! She's just so excited her dumb vocabulary pointed her in the right direction, for once, and at the same time so anxious someone else might beat them there, which makes for a very keyed-up Thomasin. ]

It was there. I saw it myself before they drew it back.
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[Aaah that is such a strange tone coming from Thomasin, it really is, so Jane just sort of smiles back as she whispers.]

I'm sure! I'm sure, and I believe you - I wouldn't follow if I didn't!