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[After several enlightening mishaps and meeting several well-intentioned aliens, the clues from the scavenger hunt have led both teams to the pool on the west side of the building. There are several other aliens milling about, staring up at the windows to try and find the green one.

The last clue has been received. It's time to regroup, find where to go next, and confront the mastermind of this... network-sponsored scavenger hunt.]
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[After a hopefully restful night in the luxurious quarters of their suite, the hotel is abuzz with activity once again bright and early.

The Doctor and his group (Thomasin, Yurika, and Togami) found a lead that InterGal7 has a booth in the Dealer's hall, while Xander and his group (Jamie, Jane, and Natsuhi) have a lead to follow about a panel.

In scanning through the schedules and the TV advertisements, it becomes clear that while there are two separate "paths" to the scavenger hunt, in order to maximize the chances of winning both must be completed. The deadline is in the evening. It'll make the group as a whole a lot less conspicuous to split up, plus to maximize the chances of getting both paths completed.

With great Temerity, onward!]
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[The Spitter account has been quiet for a few weeks, after the cameras were removed from the Temerity. The password was changed so that the crew of the Temerity couldn't get into the official account, but there was nothing stopping them from making their own.

Whether they have their own account or just scroll through it in their free time, however, #Airlocked! has been trending all week on social media and it all comes from the Airtalked spitter account which has been spitting vague words all week.

Today, there's a new spit on the account, along with a respit of a thread from what looks like a highly popular fan spitter:]

Got the clues? Join me this weekend for Airlocked! fun and games, and a chance to get YOUR message featured in the SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT!

[The image attached to the first spit in the thread is some kind of map with a variety of planet-sized buildings all with space-themed names like the Tropicancer, Halley's, the Monte Starlo, Treasure Planet, and the Milkyway Bay hotel.]

As if that wasn't enough, participating will also enter you to win a prize of 50,000 credits!! #VQCC

So get your clue-finding hats on and get ready for a mystery that YOU get to solve, and get excited for Season 3 coming soon! WOO!

And a BIG shout out to @Airtalked for giving me the honor of letting me run this event!! THANK YOU GUYS

[You have a fist full of spitter, a tank full of fuel, and a map full of stupid space puns. What's the plan, Temerity?]