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[It's your first week here, and you've been offered a fantastic prize for killing someone: an all-expense paid vacation! It's a pretty standard prize as far as reality game shows go.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this isn't exactly a game show.

It seems that no one has died this weekend, and the deadline for the prize is now expired. There's no announcement from the Overseers to that effect; in fact, none of you have seen either of them since Tuesday. Maybe they'll make a reappearance soon, but for now, it seems that you've got a moment of peace.

Hopefully nothing happens to it.]
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[Max doesn't bother putting out any flyers for this or anything; he's already discussed the movie party with a lot of people, and he'll probably round up anybody he's missed while he's getting ready. The preparations aren't anything too fancy. He's put a soda by each seat, along with a little plastic cup of popcorn. It's not a lot of work, but it's a fair amount of cups - maybe someone can help get it ready?

Regardless, he'll lean out the door and call when he's done:]

Hey, dudes, come watch Star Wars with us!

[Yes, it's Star Wars night. A New Hope, none of that prequel garbage. We apologize to Finn, I guess.]

week one

Oct. 17th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Week 1

[After the initial introduction of the Overseers, the Champions were left to their own devices in investigating the part of the ship they have access to to their hearts' content. However, the doors that Blaze Dudely and Rox came through are locked tight and cannot be unlocked via PIP.

On Wednesday morning, the same voice that awakened them the previous morning chirps at them again from their PIPs at 7 am on the dot.

Enjoy your week, Champions.]

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[At the end of that one hour (that seemed so much longer than just one hour could be), hopefully everyone's gathered in the cafeteria. The doors to the other side of the space station open to reveal two figures, a man and a woman. The woman is dressed in sharp business clothes, tapping away on some kind of a device that looks similar to but sleeker than a smart phone. The man with her has a circle beard and bleached blond hair, shorter but thick with muscle, wearing a checked button-up shirt with a gold chain peeking through the collar and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He scratches at his non-dominant forearm (which, nonetheless, is bare).]

Welcome, Champions, to the...

Champion Excellence Program.

Yeah, the Champion Excellence Program. As you may have noticed reading the rules, there's only one way out of here: Rule 7. But just in case going home isn't enough for you, we've decided to add an extra incentive.

[The woman barely looks up from her phone, like she's doing a headcount of the Champions.] The Champion who successfully proves their Excellence by murdering a fellow Champion and escaping punishment will receive an all-expenses-paid space cruise to the Vegas Quadrant.

[The man gives his companion a deadpan look and then looks at the Champions.]

Any questions?
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Good Morning, Champions. In the interest of maintaining healthy sleep patterns, a day/night cycle is in effect. Your presence is expected in the cafeteria in exactly one hour.

[The voice comes through not a large speaker, but through the device that's attached to each Champion's arm. Further investigation of the features of the device will reveal a list of profiles, a mini-map, and a list of rules. The hallways are shiny white and silver, with running lights along the floor and lights on the ceiling, and at the junction of the hallways is a sign with a knife and fork icon and an arrow pointing down the hall.

Welcome to the Excellence Program, Champions. Time to get to know your teammates.]
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[This won’t come as a complete surprise. Yl’lb Ein told everyone yesterday that a press conference had been scheduled, and Jaycee had Spat the same thing at the survivors’ account shortly afterwards. Yl’lb himself is strangely absent when it begins, but he mentioned the channel, and surely one of you can work the remote by now.

The broadcast shows a small room packed wall-to-wall with reporters of various species. The stage at the front of the room is small, just large enough to fit a long table with a microphone sitting in front of the centermost seat. Though the room itself is nondescript, the table’s draped with a cloth showing the InterGal 7 logo.

A human-looking woman in a knee-length sleeveless grey dress, flanked by a pair of hairy, beefy-looking alien bodyguards, steps into frame behind the long table. She’s small, almost delicate, compared to her Chewbacca-like bodyguards even with the several-inch high heels she’s wearing that are visible under the table. The woman takes a seat at the lone chair at the center of the table, her bodyguards standing on their side of her, and finishes the message she’s been rapidly typing on the handheld device she’s been staring at since she came into view. Finally she sets it down on the table and looks out at the crowd of reporters with a wide, dazzling smile.]

Good afternoon. My name is Rox Petuu, and I will be representing InterGal 7 in this press conference. Let’s get started, shall we?

You may recognize me as a former host of the network’s flagship series, Airlocked!. Because of this, as a result of some...professional differences with other previous hosts, the Network has kindly asked me to represent them today. [Her smile fades as her welcoming expression shifts to something more serious for this bit of news.] Unfortunately, due to a recent spate of ruthless pirate attacks on Network-affiliated ships and locations, the executives have been relocated for their own safety and production of a brand new season of Airlocked! has been temporarily suspended pending the apprehension of these raiders.

In the meantime, we understand that this is an inconvenience to you the fans, and so not only will the Network be temporarily making our exclusive bonus content free to all viewers on our brand new InterGal 7 streaming service, but we will also be re-airing the newly remastered Season One of Airlocked!. [She grins brightly but if you’re used to seeing humans smile it looks off. Showing too many teeth and it never quite seems to reach her eyes like an excited grin should.]

For a limited run only, we’re giving you the chance to see where it all began. The drama, the suspense.... And yours truly, of course. [She chuckles a little and lifts a hand to lightly touch her collarbone, showing off a small, smooth black device on her wrist, almost the size and shape of a worry stone. It’s in a different form than the survivors are used to but nonetheless recognizable: a hardlight projector.] And it wouldn’t be reruns of Season One without following it with a marathon of Lovelocked!, the story of two sweethearts who captured the hearts of a galaxy.

But we’d like to reassure our fans, as soon as the matter of these pesky pirates has been sorted out, we’re coming back with the brand new final season of Airlocked! just as soon as we can. I think you’ll love what we have planned.

Thank you. There will be no questions today. Thank you everyone for coming.

[And with a few more dismissive thank yous to the reporters shouting questions, she stands up from her chair and leaves the stage, flanked by her bodyguards.]
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[Months later, and there's a new crew of space pirates cruising the stars.

Of course, Mozu's not entirely into the piracy angle, so maybe it's mostly InterGal-affliated targets that get looted and destroyed. That seems ethical, right? You need to support yourselves in some way, and without a legal existence in this galaxy, your options are few. There's not much hard information on the network to find online anyway - plenty of ads and publitiy, but no locations, not even the names of their executives.

There's been no sign of other survivors, either.

But the last ship you raided was carrying a stock of Yl'lb Ein the Science Mind recordings for sale, and further investigation proves that the alien on the cover is a legitimate scientist, specializing in robotics. Someone like that, employed by the network, might know something about the PIPs; he might even be the person who invented them in the first place.

You couldn't find any home address for him, but you did track down a speaking engagement, and though the place is a little too crowded to really access the man, you can follow his ship when he leaves. Maybe you lose track of him once or twice, in such a busy area, but eventually you can find the ship parked openly in a Sparbuck's docking bay.

Noctis needs his pumpkin space fix. Two birds, one stone?]
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[With their investigation of Blaze Dudely's ship complete and still none of the Flavortown robots in sight, the surviving Champions amd their counselor have a little time to come together and share their findings. The communal living area of the pirate ship seems like the best place for that.

They may want to be wary though. There's still no sight nor sound of Blaze Dudely or his robots anywhere.]
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[It's been about 24 hours since CT was killed. Blaze has made no other moves, and his robots are mysteriously absent.

In fact, it's almost too quiet.

But then there's a note in Pyrrha's PIP that...she didn't write.]
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[ On Sunday night, all of the remaining survivors-- as well as Price and Blazely, should they choose to show-- will find an invitation under their doors. She won't force them, but it appears Fukawa has planned her first get together. She was anxious about it, because she'd never hosted... anything before. The idea of people not coming actually scared her. But she couldn't give up. She owed it to Leon. So there it is. The note reads as follows. ]
Monday, 12:00 P.M.
Mess Hall

I know I thought it was stupid when we first started meeting like this after trials. But it was an important act of solidarity I think. After this past week, it's more important than ever that we all come together. We've all lost people we cared about at this point and that's why that can't be allowed to happen again. It would be an insult to the person who's responsible for all of us standing her right now.

Things that hurt us have happened time and time again. But we always get back up. I believe that this group can put a stop to the killing.

If Hope's Peak taught me anything it's that no matter how bad it gets or how bleak the future looks, you should never lose hope.

I won't make anyone come but I hope you all do.

- Touko Fukawa -

[ She worked hard to set up food for everyone-- soup, pasta, sandwiches-- simple things but, enough for everyone to eat. Once there, she'll encourage them to share stories they haven't-- adventures they've had, people they're fighting for, things they still want to do... She wants to see them all strengthen themselves for the days to come. If they can then maybe... maybe this can be where they really end the killing.]

Week 6

Sep. 17th, 2017 02:50 pm
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[Six weeks later, and fifteen people are dead. All of you have lost someone important, from friends to family to lovers. Yet there is still hope. Most of you banded together to protect your own yesterday, and with an entirely unexpected act of mercy from Blaze Dudely, it seems like the winds may finally be starting to blow in your favor. It even feels a bit warmer in the penitentiary this week, though tension still hangs heavy in the air.

On Sunday morning, the last of your memories will return to you. There is nothing for you now but - maybe, somehow - to find a way out of here.]

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday

(( Welcome to endgame, everyone! As you can see, this week will ICly be shorter, with endgame beginning for your characters on Wednesday, but rest assured, the final investigation/trial will still be on Friday and Saturday as usual. Keep an eye out for an OOC endgame post on Tuesday.

There will be no official AC this week, just a check-in, and all characters will now be at their true canon points. Also, Monday is your last chance for regains! Get those benefactor threads in! ))
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[When the announcement sounds and the evidence gathered it’s time for a trial. When the remaining champions are all gathered by the docking bay doors they slide slowly slide open.

The two lines of sentry robots are there again, creating a border path from the docking bay doors to the circle of metal podiums. The podiums themselves were made of strange metals in red and gold and orange and black, each one etched with the name of one of the Champions. There are flood lights - like spot lights - in front of each podium. The lights on Oda, Akande and Leon's podiums have been turned off and their floating grey scale portraits have joined the six from last week.

Blaze Dudely stands on a repair deck on top of his ship, which looms over the proceedings ominously. His expression is still hard to read but his arms are folded across his chest and if you squint close enough there's a somberness about him that hasn't been at other trials.]

Ya'll know how this goes by now. [He's in no mood for pageantry this time.] Take the time ya need but don’t bore me.
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[Another week with group therapy instead of an incentive from Blaze, and it's Friday again.

Nothing seems immediately amiss when you wake up.]
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[The invitations were sent out around mid-afternoon, each one individually addressed on the fanciest paper Varric could dig up in the arts and crafts room. The handwriting on it is crisp and legible, written by the type of hand who spent most of his life writing for others to read.]

We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so celebrate every moment you have with those you care about. Do so by joining me for a banquet at 7 p.m. Food will be provided, but budding chefs are welcome to bring their own dishes.


[Everyone receives an invitation, most of which are taped onto their respective doors. Two go beneath Price's door -- one during Blaze's hours, the other during the doctor's own.

When seven comes along, the smell of food wafting from the mess hall would serve as a secondary invitation, for those who might have missed the first. Some of the tables have been moved along a wall, enough to house a decently sized feast and to accommodate the aforementioned extra dishes. The food ranged from roasted something-or-other (Varric didn't ask questions, simply cooked and seasoned it like poultry), his trademark stew, salad and veggie trays, and even some fresh baked bread.

The rest of the tables had been moved to form a long table, enough to fit the remaining inmates and their superiors. Each person has an assigned seat, though you're more than welcome to get up and mill about with one another.Though the trays were stacked near the food, glasses were laid out and filled with the closest substance Varric could find to a good toasting wine.

Hope you like Spape Juice.

Most notable is the backdrop to the table. The names of those they'd lost along the way had been reprinted and hung with care. Everyone was invited, after all.]

Week 5

Sep. 10th, 2017 01:20 pm
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[Five weeks in, and suddenly your numbers have been reduced by a lot. All evidence of Oda's methodical slaughter has been wiped away by the robots, but getting rid of the memories isn't going to be so easy. Not to mention the emotional scars.

Again on Sunday morning, you'll find yourselves with some new memories and some new items. Today, however, there are no new rooms.]

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

(( ooc: Don't forget to turn in your AC for Week 4, submit your memory regains, and put in your Benefactor threads! ))
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[This has got to be the worst day Leon's ever had. Besides dying the first time.]

[A little while after the trial is over, Leon going around sliding notes under everyone's door:]

Dear everyone,

Sorry my roommate went and killed 5 people like that. I really should have known he would try that (he is in the mafia, right?) but then again if his kids were still alive he wouldn't have been affected by that awful motive.

You know what, let's just try to survive without killing everyone. Ok? Too much to ask?

Max is making waffles in the kitchen if anyone's hungry.

- Leon.

P.S. Oda wrote a bunch of letters after the last trial and he asked me to give them to you. It's probably a good idea to at least look at it once before you tear it to shreds.

[The individual letters from Oda are attached to the invite. If your name is Will, you're also getting letters addressed to Dazai and Ango.]

[True to the letter, Max is making waffles in the kitchen. Apparently, waffles are the best way to cope after the mess of a trial we just had. Meanwhile, Leon has grabbed a pen and paper from the storage closet and... Seems to be writing something down. He doesn't look too hot himself...]

[Links to the letters: Akande, Fukawa, Will, Mozu, Rick, Varric, Pryyha, Noctis, CT, Soma. Leon already gave Max her letter.]

third trial

Sep. 9th, 2017 11:36 am
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[When the announcement sounds and the evidence gathered it’s time for a trial. When the remaining champions are all gathered by the docking bay doors they slide slowly slide open.

The two lines of sentry robots are there again, creating a border path from the docking bay doors to the circle of metal podiums. The podiums themselves were made of strange metals in red and gold and orange and black, each one etched with the name of one of the Champions. There are flood lights - like spot lights - in front of each podium. The lights on Alec, John, Cheryl, Apollo, Mako and Rideaux's podiums have been turned off and their floating grey scale portraits have joined the three from last week.

Blaze Dudely stands on a repair deck on top of his ship, which looms over the proceedings ominously. Rather than the glee the Champions may think he would take in this kind of display, he merely stands there with his arms crossed, expression unreadable and his cyborg eye scanning the Champions with a piercing scrutiny, like he's searching for one of them to act out of line.]

Mornin’, Champions. Here’s how this is goin’ to go: take the evidence, piece together what happened and find who took out the Champion Balladeer, the Champion Investi- [He stops to clear his throat.] The Champ- [He stops again to cough, once then twice.] The- [More coughing now, harder and hoarser. When he finally stops he wipes something dark and thick from the corner of his mouth.] Fuck it, the five dead ones. If ya don’t, they’ll be free to go and the rest of ya will face punishment. Take the time ya need but don’t bore me.
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[The incentive this week was a pretty intense one. But spirits seemed high at yesterday's party - even Blaze Dudely participated, albeit in a weird, oblique and pretty Mozu-centric way. Maybe this Friday will be different from the last two?

Everything seems quiet, at least.]
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[Early on Thursday, everyone (not including Blaze, but including Price) receives a handwritten invitation slipped under their door.]

Today in the mess hall, 5:00 PM-whenever everyone gets tired
Please join us for costume judging and the chance to win a prize.
Refreshments will be provided.

[At the appointed time in the mess hall, there are some refreshments made by Noctis, Cheryl, and Oda - Oda's share includes curry, naturally, but also sandwiches and other light fare, and some chocolate chip cookies that have come out lumpy but edible. He's also put up some orange and black streamers in an attempt at party decorating.

One of the tables has a bunch of benefactor regains on it - that's definitely the prizes. Win a brand new car! Or a heckton of chocolate!

Storytelling will be later in the evening. Win prizes for that too, it's not like Oda can use most of his stuff. And maybe it'll keep people's minds off tomorrow, for a little while.]

week 4

Sep. 3rd, 2017 12:31 pm
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[Four weeks in the Starfield Penitentiary and seven people have lost their lives to Blaze Dudely's cruel game. At some point the robots cleaned up the mess left behind and by Sunday the involved rooms (including the fridge) are all clean and free of blood. In fact there's no sign left of any of the deaths that have happened on the ship so far by at least the next day. The only physical signs that people are gone are the empty beds.

On Sunday morning, you may find that you're recovering a a few other things as well - both strange dreams and some new items.

In addition, there's a new set of doors at the end of the corridor, in the space between the infirmary and the exercise yard. Looks like you've got a new wing to explore.]

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

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