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week 3

Week 3

[Come week 3 of the Champion Excellence Program the high-flying feelings that came with the dodgeball game last week has dissipated, especially after the...everything that was that trial. Satan Mask sure was a thing that happened.

Just like last week, right on the dot at 7 am, the mechanical woman's voice chimes to awaken the remaining champions on Sunday morning. After the initial wake-up call though there's a new message tacked on:]

Congratulations, Champions! By surviving your second trial, you have unlocked the third floor of the ship. A new mini map has been added to your P.I.P.! To access the second floor please stand on the teleporter and select the floor you wish to be teleported to.

[And again the Champions are awakened they have regained one new memory from the ones they've lost. Starting again on Sunday, as well, Jamie and Bolton will be back to their usual office hours in their usual locations.]

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

[ooc: welcome to week 3, everyone! Check-in has begun and don't forget to submit your memory regains!]
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[After the announcement, Ricky checks out her dumbwaiter and--well, Thomasin's already up, but hopefully Natsuhi wasn't planning on going back to sleep, because Ricky's scream of terror at 7:03 AM is probably loud enough to wake her right back up.

Obviously she hasn't been murdered or anything, because after having some breakfast, she sets out exploring again and makes her way to the arcade. She makes straight for the zombie shooting game and starts blasting away.

When that eventually gets boring, she ends up in the greenhouse, where she can be found attempting to take stock of all the plants. Which is going to be difficult since she doesn't actually recognize them, but at least she can identify fruits and such.]
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Isn't this amazing? I never thought they'd have something like this in here, with all that stuff they made us eat down in the kitchen!
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Right? If they have something like this, why do they even need all that freeze-dried stuff?
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Maybe that theory that they just wanted to remind us that we're in space is true. That's what they used to eat in space a long time ago, since nothing else would keep.
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Or maybe they just wanted us to be miserable.
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That's also true. At least now we have ingredients. Jane-chan will be happy!
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Yeah! She'll probably have all kinds of ideas.
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And be ecstatic to be able to use that kitchen! It's good if someone is happy in here, don't you think?
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She'll be so excited. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.
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It's been a bad day already. It'd be good to see more happiness around.
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[...oh no.]

Did something happen?
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...The memories. You got one too, right?
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dammit dw stop popping up that subscribe option that's weird

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--oh. Right.
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I don't get it. I know he was alive in the other memory, and I'm sure that took place afterwards. How could he just die?
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[Death and time paradoxes? That's quite a lot to spring on a girl all at once, whether she's a starship captain or an explorer, and Ricky is left with... not much she can think of to say. Instead she reaches up and pats Yurika on the back.]
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[Yurika lets out a small sigh and looks over at Ricky.]

Thank you... I hope Akito is alright. Nobody could have survived that, but he was just fine in the last one.
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Maybe the memory wasn't really what it looked like. Like... if we'd met sometime before and you suddenly remembered me using a Medic Bullet on you, without any context, it would look like I was attacking you.
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...Medic Bullet? Something that heals by shooting you?
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cw: headcanon

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Yeah. It's basically a Medica shaped into a bullet. It's not as good as what a real medic can do, but it works.
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Your world sounds really different. I can imagine you miss home.
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...yeah, a little. But there isn't much point in worrying about that.
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Maybe we'll find something new to give us an edge.
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...maybe. Like a plant, or something.
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Or even a key buried in the garden like an old mystery novel!
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Oh, there might be! There's a lot of dirt to search through, but if we start now...

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