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week 1

Week 1

[After the initial introduction of the Overseers on Sunday, the Champions were left to their own devices in investigating the part of the ship they have access to to their hearts' content. However, the doors that Jamie and Bolton came through are locked tight and cannot be unlocked via PIP.

On Monday morning, the same voice that awakened them the previous morning chirps at them again from their PIPs at 7 am on the dot. There's also a pop-up message waiting for them: a notice announcing "office hours" for Bolton in the library and Jamie in the art room every day from here on out.

Enjoy your week, Champions.]

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[This is Angelica's fault, you know. Not much of a fault though.]

I want to find a more convenient way to carry it. Maybe a strap of some kind...
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That would be ideal, if you intend to use it as a shield. Perhaps there's some material in the art room, or...

[She glances back in the direction of the unclaimed helmets, a bit dubiously.]

...You could try asking that "Jamie," if he's so willing to help us.
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...I'll check the art room.

[She's not sure she wants to put too much faith in Jamie. He is apparently one of their captors, after all.]

I don't know if the helmet would actually help, but...
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[Smart girl. Angelica feels much the same.]

If that fails, so long as there are scissors in the art room, we could try to find an apron to cut up in the kitchen.

[Wait, "we"—]
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Do they have aprons there? I didn't notice. [She was too busy attempting to enjoy the crime against ice cream.]
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[She makes me think of my younger siblings, Angelica says, about a girl who is the same age as her.]

I didn't look myself. But if there are knives and rolling pins, I don't see why there wouldn't be aprons.
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[To be fair, she sure doesn't look the same age.]

That could help out with the clothes issue, too.
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...I suppose it could, but if that's really such a problem, aren't there towels and bedsheets as well?

[None of which help Angelica's problem with the jumpsuits, but.]
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Well, yes, but we don't want to use up too much of any one thing. We might specifically need bedsheets for something later.
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If all you want is to cover yourself, you could tie it around your body without cutting it.
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That could get awkward to wear, though, at least in the long term.
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Perhaps, but our options are limited. It's just a matter of what's more important to you, I suppose.
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I guess so.

[Speaking of what's important to people, they haven't really talked since the motive announcement yesterday, have they? She's kind of interested in knowing what's going through Angelica's head about that, but how to approach the subject organically and without obviously prying?]

So. They sure promised us a lot yesterday, didn't they?

[Nailed it.]
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Yeah, nice try.]

I wouldn't know. I threw mine away without reading it.
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[She tried.]

People were talking about changing the past.

[She's still trying.]
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I'm aware of what they promised. However, I have no intention of letting them pick at that.
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[Zero for two.]

Regardless of that, do you think it's possible?
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[That's a better question, and one Angelica is more willing to discuss, even if she doesn't have a good answer to give.]

...Perhaps. I've been more concerned with the state of our memories, so I haven't given it much thought.
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[Right, memories.]

Do you want to know what the worst part of that is? The last thing I remember before coming here is regaining my memories.
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Frankly, I'm more unsettled by the possibility that they've altered or added memories than that they've removed them.
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At least that would be a new problem.

...I think.
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...Perhaps, but it would also be far more insidious. We can't even be sure that the regrets they're preying on are real.
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Or anything we remember, for that matter. Our whole lives could be fiction.
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[She really doesn't like it.]
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...but then why would some people's profiles not match what they remember?

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