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now that you are not around, my world fades to a dull, lifeless grey

[Rukia will come around to everyone's rooms later, with bunny-laden notes inviting them up to the diner. When they arrive, they'll find that one of the tables in the back has been covered over with a length of fabric from the sewing room and is serving as a makeshift altar, with rosemary and, for some reason, a bottle of whiskey sitting on it alongside cutesy drawings of all the dead thus far. (Just like last time, Seth gets a spiteful no symbol across his face.)

Yurika's there too, and she speaks first:]

Thank you. I... I'm sorry for suspecting some of you a little. I was worried no matter what happened, and I knew it would be hard, but you were all innocent. If anybody wants to talk, we can.
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[She doesn't think she can slip out unnoticed, does she? 'Cause she doesn't.

Ricky deliberately makes some noise opening the door to the library, not wanting to sneak up on Kurumi, and sits down next to her.]

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[Kurumi raises her head. She's not even trying to read this time. A brief scan of the library tells her it's safe and--]

It's the infection.
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[Well, if there had been any cheer left in her after that trial, it would be gone now.]

What is it?
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The cure only slowed it down. In my dream--my memory--...my eyesight was fading. I could hear but only loud sounds.

[She's not even looking at Ricky. Her face rests in her hands.] I'm going to die once I get off this ship, Ricky.
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[It's as much of a shock as if Kurumi had suddenly punched her in the face.]

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I'm...I'm fine here. I get some of the medicine in the dumbwaiter occasionally to counterbalance it.

[She just sinks further against the table.]

...I'm sorry.
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Then... that means they have a supply, right? Maybe we can get to it somehow. Maybe enough to keep you alive for... for a long time!

[She's saying this half for her own benefit, half for Kurumi's, and none because she thinks it's a likely outcome. It shows.]
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It's experimental and if the disease is getting worse, I'd have to keep taking it almost every day if not every other day.

[She just sounds tired as she looks up to look at her.] I can't do that.
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[She takes her hand. She wants to say something, but... what can she say? That it'll be fine? It obviously isn't.]
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[She gives her hand a squeeze.]

Can you promise me something?
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What is it?

[She has the absolute worst feeling.]
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Can you not tell any of the others? I'm probably going to have to tell Lightning but the others... I don't want them to know.

[Bet you weren't expecting that.]
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[She sure wasn't.]

They won't hear it from me.

...it's not the worst thing I've kept from people.
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[She's not going to ask that particular thing of anyone. That would be her own problem. She gives Ricky's hand a squeeze.]

...Thanks. Sorry you had to hear it, though.

[God. What are they even going to do?]
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...no, thank you for telling me.

[It can't be an easy thing to share, after all.]

But... don't start thinking it's fine for you to die now. You're important.
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I'm not going to kick it right now, anyway.

[Don't say that!]
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[That was not very reassuring and Ricky is not reassured.]

I mean it.
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So do I. I'm not going to leave you here.
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I... I want to be with you as long as I can.
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So do I, Ricky. You're like a member of the Club now.
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[She has to smile at that. At least for a moment.]
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[But she can't forget the context of that comment.]

If you start feeling like that again, tell me, okay? Or, it doesn't have to be me, but someone.
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Right. I know... I should talk about my feelings, right?

[She scoots her chair back with a long sigh. Then glancing at Ricky,]

Come here.
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[She moves closer, not really sure what to expect.]
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[How about pulling her onto her lap for a large bear hug? Because that's what happening.]

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