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Misumaru Yurika ([personal profile] ratherdoweddings) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-03-04 07:55 pm
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now that you are not around, my world fades to a dull, lifeless grey

[Rukia will come around to everyone's rooms later, with bunny-laden notes inviting them up to the diner. When they arrive, they'll find that one of the tables in the back has been covered over with a length of fabric from the sewing room and is serving as a makeshift altar, with rosemary and, for some reason, a bottle of whiskey sitting on it alongside cutesy drawings of all the dead thus far. (Just like last time, Seth gets a spiteful no symbol across his face.)

Yurika's there too, and she speaks first:]

Thank you. I... I'm sorry for suspecting some of you a little. I was worried no matter what happened, and I knew it would be hard, but you were all innocent. If anybody wants to talk, we can.

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