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So Satan is Gone | Week 2 Afterparty

[Well. That was a hell of a trial, wasn't it? About half an hour after everyone returned from the trial they'll receive a note under their door. (Plus Togami gets a new handwriting sample for his book.)]

This is Kurumi. I gathered up some stuff from the diner and kitchen to the Cafeteria. Come if you want. Thought we should be together.

[It's not much. Just a pot of tea, some coffee, and some of that delicious cherry pie from the diner. Get some before it runs out.]
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[Ricky's not at the "party" for long, and most of her time there is spent talking to Kurumi, but she does spend some time sitting in a corner poking at some pie.

If anyone feels any burning need to talk to her later, she'll eventually turn up in Angelica's room, lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.]
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[Yurika pokes her head into the room, holding a bag of chips.]
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[That's the only acknowledgement--she doesn't move or anything.]
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I'm sorry.

[Yurika perches on the end of the bed, opens the bag, and points it toward Ricky.]

I know you liked each other a lot.
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Thank you.

[It's more of an automatic response than anything else.

She does finally look toward Yurika when the bed shifts under her weight, and takes a single chip.]
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[Yurika smiles.]

If you need anything, make sure to tell us! Margulis-san is right, we all need to look out for each other.
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[Ricky's quiet for a moment. Well, mostly quiet--she spends part of that moment eating that chip.]

We were making plans.
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Like escape plans?
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Plans for after. We were going to see if research from my world could help with the problems hers is facing.
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Did everyone get pulled here from some horrible calamity?
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I don't know.
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Me neither, but I'm worried. The worst might be behind us, and we have to keep going... but it's hard to keep doing this, isn't it?
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Do you think this will happen again?
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I think... that if we think it will, it will, and if we don't, who can say? But even if someone else dies, it isn't over. We have to keep investigating and keep trying to figure everything out.
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I don't want anyone else to die.
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Neither do I. We'll do our best, okay? I'm still here and you're still here.
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[She isn't feeling very reassured.]
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I wish I could say something better for sure. This place has us trapped right now, and even if the obvious danger is gone, they're going to try and push good people to do bad things. But the only thing we can do is keep going, Ricky-chan.
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...you'll keep going, too, right?
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Of course. I couldn't give up now. Not when everyone else here needs help!