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Welcome to Vegas Quadrant Culture-Con!

[After a hopefully restful night in the luxurious quarters of their suite, the hotel is abuzz with activity once again bright and early.

The Doctor and his group (Thomasin, Yurika, and Togami) found a lead that InterGal7 has a booth in the Dealer's hall, while Xander and his group (Jamie, Jane, and Natsuhi) have a lead to follow about a panel.

In scanning through the schedules and the TV advertisements, it becomes clear that while there are two separate "paths" to the scavenger hunt, in order to maximize the chances of winning both must be completed. The deadline is in the evening. It'll make the group as a whole a lot less conspicuous to split up, plus to maximize the chances of getting both paths completed.

With great Temerity, onward!]

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