Jul. 20th, 2017

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[The Stardust Nebula is a large cloud, sprawling pink and purple across the dark void of space as you approach. There are no planets here, not even a planetoid, but that hardly means it’s devoid of life. Kip will easily be able to navigate to the place in question, a small collection of interconnected spaceports orbiting near the edge of one of the nebula’s hazy, rose-tinted tendrils. Floating signs hooked to these advertise “AIRLOCKED! Q&A”, with arrows leading towards what appears to be a convention center. A dome encloses the area, much like the one around the Fantasy Sweet, but there does not appear to be any kind of security restrictions on the port; it will open as soon as any ship pulls up to it.

Inside, there aren’t too many inconspicuous places to park your weird flotilla of offensively-shaped ships. You may just have to settle for the back of the docks, behind a large news van or something like that, and consider not sticking around the entire time. Getting inside was a quick process, so you shouldn’t have any trouble doing it again, especially with a military navigator staying with the ship. A line has already formed in front of the entrance, at least partially due to the scanners flanking the door. A large weirdly baby-faced alien in some type of uniform is standing there, apparently manning the machine, checking peoples’ belongings, and generally directing them. There’s an unfamiliar symbol on their uniform, clearly not the InterGal 7 logo. Despite being alone, they seem to be handling the line fairly efficiently - even if they occasionally appear to intentionally loom over some of the smaller aliens attempting to enter. There are a few cosplayers among the crowd, of course, but this time the majority are in plainclothes.

Some people are skipping this line and walking around to the back of the building. They’re all wearing or carrying badges, which do have the InterGal 7 logo on them.

For the moment, no one seems to have taken notice of your arrival.]