Jun. 17th, 2017

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[With the announcement and evidence gathered, the doors in the pool area are the next destination for anyone who doesn't want a repeat of witnessing PAL's brand of punishment.

In the slowly emptying circle of podiums there are two more added since last week, Roland, the Champion of Lokapala and Angel, the Champion Traitor. Their names and titles are brightly displayed but the harsh red is a painful contrast to the lively green of the living Champions' podiums. In the place Kip used to stand there is no floating portrait frame, no memorial, no indication he ever set foot in this courtroom.]

Welcome, Champions, to the Rose Ceremony. Weed out the true culprit and they'll be eliminated, vote incorrectly and they'll be allowed to go home at the expense of the rest of your lives.

Oh, and don't bore me. You know by now I cannot stand being bored.
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[ After the entire trial, Clarith gets to work. If Rii-san won't make the memorials, she will, and if Rii-san does, she'll supervise. And then, she'll slip a letter under each door. ]

Please join me in the gardens for a funeral and then a wake in the first floor rest area.

- Sister Clarith

[ When people arrive, Clarith is waiting with her Levin Bible in hand. Afterward, they can all file into the rest area, where hopefully someone has made food! She's sure someone would have, but she wanted to just... Get the funeral done. ]