Jun. 3rd, 2017

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[With the announcement and evidence, the doors in the pool area are the next destination for anyone who doesn't particularly want to see what a punishment from PAL would look like. When the bonded champions make their way down the stairs and into the basement they'll notice some slight differences to the courtroom.

Two new greyscale portraits have joined Mikaela's in floating above the garish gold podiums, Mai, the Champion Scapegoat and Finn, the Champion of Resistance. Their names and titles are still brightly displayed but the harsh red is a painful contrast to the lively green of the living Champions' podiums.

Kip is waiting for them on the same platform from the previous week, already dressed in his somber black suit, black hair, and matching grim expression. He never put in an appearance outside his room during the investigation, but as the Champions enter he tracks Queenie and Church, making sure that they're okay (or, okay as they can be).]

Welcome, Champions, to the Rose Ceremony. Weed out the true culprit and they'll be eliminated, vote incorrectly and they'll be allowed to go home at the expense of the rest of your lives.

Oh, and don't bore me. I cannot stand being bored.
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[ After everyone leaves the Rose Ceremony, Clarith gets to work. With Nari's help, there's a few snacks set up, and then she delivers a message beneath everyone's doors. ]

Please meet up at the first floor rest area. I don't think people should be alone right now.

- Clarith

[ Takumi's includes a bit extra: "Especially you." Sure enough, there's a few snacks set up in the rest area, but otherwise just. Blankets and pillows set up so that people can pile in as they please. She's waiting, seeming a fair bit tired in more than one way, but... She doesn't want to leave people alone. ]

week 4

Jun. 3rd, 2017 11:15 pm
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[Just like the previous week the status quo is restored with frighteningly quick efficiency. PAL still makes the morning and night time announcements through the PIP on each Champion's arm, and still the Champion unitards are freshly laundered and re-hung each morning in their closets. Even the glass roses Choromatsu and Takumi broke after the trial in their fit of anger have been replaced with fresh ones. All signs that there was anything amiss this weekend are completely gone.

There's a new floor to explore, their "reward" for a job well done.]

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[ooc: Don't forget to to turn in your AC for week 3, submit your memory regains and put in your threads for the Benefactors!]