Mar. 18th, 2017

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[Ricky and Kurumi are dead, bringing the list of surviving Champions down to the single digits from their original twenty. When CECE's announcement sounds, it's with heavy hearts that the Champions file to the teleporter to get to the courtroom. It only takes one trip this time.

When they get to the courtroom the podiums have once again been updated for the recently deceased. Rukia, Kurimi, Ricky- their portraits await their friends where they stood just several days ago. It's a mite chilling now to see the twelve empty podiums and realize nearly everyone has a dead Champion on at least one side of them.

Jamie and Bolton are there waiting as usual, suited up and ready to oversee the trial. In a depressing repeat of the first trial, Jamie looks like hell. His tie is knotted wrong, his hair is haphazardly pulled back into a messy ponytail and, though it's hard to tell from a distance, but his face is red and splotchy like he's been crying. Bolton doesn't look much better - his clothes, at least, are impeccable, but his beard is scruffier than usual and there's something lacking from his usual extravagant personality.]

Welcome, Champions, to the courtroom. Eight of you have entered, but - in the best case scenario - only seven of you will leave. You all know the drill by now: compile your evidence and figure out who the killer is. If you vote correctly, the culprit will be executed and the rest of you will be allowed to go back upstairs.

Remember, there is no time limit but I'd advise you to keep things interesting.
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[Around dinnertime, when everyone has gone to their rooms and had their time to think about the day, a note is slipped underneath your door. It reads:

I've made soup for everyone tonight.
It would be a kindness if you were to come to the cafeteria and partake.
- Jane

And, true to the letter, when you enter the cafeteria, you're hit with the distinct smell of pumpkin. There's a large covered pot on one of the tables filled to the brim with a sweet pumpkin soup full of carrots and sweet potatoes, a ladle beside the pot, and a stack of bowls and spoons. There's even enough cutlery for Bolton and Jamie to come, if they want to show up - Jane is, if anything, an excellent host. Please help yourself! There's plenty more! is on a folded bit of paper beside the pot, but where is Jane?

Well, the kitchen door is propped open, and she's very diligently working on scraping out the remains of a huge, tasty pumpkin and setting the seeds aside. She sniffs every once in a while, and her face is a blotchy mess, but she's still going. Having something to do seems to keep her from diving too deeply into despair.

Just...don't let her, or yourselves, be distracted forever.]