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Nobody Gets Left Behind

[From the Temerity, it's hard to say what exactly is happening down in the convention center, but it's clear that there's some shit going down. Crowds of fans are streaming out of the building to stand around the docking area, kept away from the entrances and exits by the police - including a Turian and a little dog - as well as Max, Lightning, and Finn. Some people, especially the press, are giving up and taking to their ships to flee.

Amid all the chaos, it's not hard to land, pick up your escaping friends, and flee. It's better to take off now, because Kip is keeping an eye on where the others' PIPs are pinging from. It seems they've been moved to a different part of the nebula.

You've got a few minutes to catch up before he can get you over there. So what the fuck, dudes?]

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