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Kip Larimer ([personal profile] theoverseen) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-07-08 03:00 pm
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Enter your mastermind.

[Once all the votes are in, there's a hissing sound, like fog escaping a fog machine. However, there's no fog to be seen. Until you look up to the Overseer's booth, with its glass walls that are slowly becoming more opaque as the room fills with white smoke.

A bright bluish-white light illuminates what it can, from lights on top of and below the platform like a rock star stage. There's a barely-visible shadow, and the menacing cackle of a voice that you're all quite familiar with, even though you haven't heard it in a while.

And then the cackling turns into coughing and yelling.]


[The glass around the platform shatters from the blunt force of two long, spindly metal arms, and white smoke pours down from the Overseer's platform and to the floor, spilling out the long distance to the floor like medical-cherry-scented clouds.

The alien man is...a lot smaller than Kip, actually, held aloft by four long spider-like arms sticking out from somewhere on his back. And as soon as he stops choking on his own mistakes, the cackling resumes again.]

Behold!! Humans, robots, AI, and... anything else you may identify as! Your "Kip Larimer" does not exist! I, KIP! AM YOUR OVERLORD!

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