pullingdaisies: (All of your friends they'd try to kill u)
Yuuri Wakasa ([personal profile] pullingdaisies) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-07-01 10:12 pm

I won't cry, I won't cry. No, I won't shed a tear.

[ For the first time since this disgusting game started, Yuuri doesn't go straight to the garden after leaving the trial room. As promised, she goes to the kitchen and starts putting together a meal.

Anyone who comes to the meeting will find leftovers on the table -- to start with, anyway. There's tea, coffee, soda, whatever anyone wants to drink spread across one end as well, just in case no one can stomach food quite yet.

Yuuri herself isn't anywhere to be seen to begin with but there's a warm, sweet and almost spicy smell coming from the kitchen. And when she eventually emerges, she's carrying a full pot of katsu curry which she sets on the table and then quickly follows with another pot (it was the only thing big enough for all those servings, okay) brimming over with rice.

Katsu curry. This wasn't a victory. But she refuses to accept it as a loss, either. There may only be nine of them left now but they are alive. And so long as you're alive you can continue to move forwards.

She's come too far to give up now. All of them have.

Come and sit down and eat something. Or drink something. Or just sit with what's left of your family and let yourself remember: none of you are alone. ]

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