daughterofthemark: (25F. The overlord of daybreak)
Princess Arianna of Caledonia ([personal profile] daughterofthemark) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-06-10 05:04 pm
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Until the dawn of another new morning

[Not long after the Rose Ceremony ends, Arianna goes around from door to door, leaving the by-now-expected notes:]

Everyone's presence is requested in the dining room for food and companionship. We must stand together.


[The promise of food is slightly premature, but she's got Clarith working on it. And Arianna is helping! Not much, though, since she keeps running back out to the dining room to make sure people are... well, not okay per se, but not circling the proverbial drain.

She's also brought in some blankets and pillows from the first floor rest area, for anyone who isn't feeling up to chairs at the moment.]

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