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the third investigation

[This week has been an interesting one to say the least. Feelings found, feelings lost, feelings repressed. Just feelings all around in one way or another. But there's always that terrible chance that PAL's motive has had the intended effect.

When the champions are awakened by the morning announcement their original abilities and powers have not been returned to them. It could be a good sign, a sign that they haven't lost another friend, but there's still that sinking feeling of dread that's starting to go hand-in-hand with Fridays.

Time to explore the mansion.]
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[Noticeably for anybody who didn't know that he was with Junpei, Kip doesn't come down to the patio doors.]
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I'm staying with Junpei.
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The contract says an Overseer, not all Overseeers.

It's also in my contract as the host to prevent harm coming to the Champions outside of rule 7 and other punishments.

You're Overseer enough for the both of us, aren't you Mr. Biggy Big Man?