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Queenie Goldstein ([personal profile] goteachother) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-06-04 08:21 pm
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At last, my love has come along~

~~Date Night~~

After everything that's happened, especially the shock from the giddy joy of Thursday night to everything that happened on Friday, Queenie is more determined than ever to make sure everyone can find some joy in this place. Which finds her determined and busy most of Saturday evening, after crying herself out, and all day Sunday. Anyone that tries to stop her or insist maybe there's something else she should or could be doing will be told that she's got something in mind, it's going to be fun and no one should worry about her, thank you very much.

One of the small tables from the dining room is missing, along with it's chairs. They have now taken up residence in a quiet corner of the garden. She's taken one of the pink sheets from the 2nd floor rest area and made it into a tablecloth, set out candlesticks, and relocated a rose or two into the area. Jars and additional glasses from the kitchen are scattered around, glowing a soft, delicate blue light from dancing flames that give off heat but do not burn.

Every day this week a different couple will find memo mice seeking them out.

The pleasure of your company has been requested in the garden this evening at 7 o'clock. Follow the lights for fine food and better company.

The food will be served by magic and Queenie will do her best to keep as much distance as possible, giving everyone their privacy. While the main dishes will vary there will be two things consistent, night to night. Excellent wine from the bar upstairs and a rich, decadent chocolate mousse topped with hand whipped cream and glazed strawberries.

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