third trial

Mar. 4th, 2017 11:47 am
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[As the last of the evidence is gathered, the voice chimes in with a call to come down to the courtroom. It's easier this week, they only need to make two trips on the teleporter.

There are three new portraits added to the podium circle this week to mark those who've died since the last trial. Seth, Sadie, Margulis- their photos rendered in black and white and the green lights in their names having switched to an ominous red.

Jamie and Bolton are waiting on their floating platform, back in black and ready for a trial. Jamie looks exhausted as he has all week but his expression and body read more exasperated than despairing. Bolton, on the other hand, looks the picture of restrained excitement. He is ready to see how this goes down.]

Welcome, Champions, to the courtroom. Thirteen of you have entered, but - in the best case scenario - only twelve of you will leave. Compile your evidence and figure out who the killer is. If you vote correctly, the culprit will be executed and the rest of you will be allowed to go back upstairs. If you vote wrong, however, the killer goes free and the rest of you take the punishment in their place.

Remember, there is no time limit but I'd advise you to keep things interesting.
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[Friday has reared it's head again and, come 7 am, things are quiet. But haven't they been quiet the last two times as well? In the Champion Excellence Program, quiet means nothing. Unlike the sabotages last week, everyone who received a boon earlier in the week will find them exactly where they left them the night before. It seems the boons are thankfully more permanent than the sabotages.

Still, there's a general feeling of off-ness that permeates the air. Not so much on the first or third floors but definitely on the second floor.


week 3

Feb. 26th, 2017 11:49 am
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Week 3

[Come week 3 of the Champion Excellence Program the high-flying feelings that came with the dodgeball game last week has dissipated, especially after the...everything that was that trial. Satan Mask sure was a thing that happened.

Just like last week, right on the dot at 7 am, the mechanical woman's voice chimes to awaken the remaining champions on Sunday morning. After the initial wake-up call though there's a new message tacked on:]

Congratulations, Champions! By surviving your second trial, you have unlocked the third floor of the ship. A new mini map has been added to your P.I.P.! To access the second floor please stand on the teleporter and select the floor you wish to be teleported to.

[And again the Champions are awakened they have regained one new memory from the ones they've lost. Starting again on Sunday, as well, Jamie and Bolton will be back to their usual office hours in their usual locations.]

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

[ooc: welcome to week 3, everyone! Check-in has begun and don't forget to submit your memory regains!]