Final Investigation

[It's been about 24 hours since CT was killed. Blaze has made no other moves, and his robots are mysteriously absent.

In fact, it's almost too quiet.

But then there's a note in Pyrrha's PIP that...she didn't write.]

The Fourth Investigation

[Another week with group therapy instead of an incentive from Blaze, and it's Friday again.

Nothing seems immediately amiss when you wake up.]

Third Investigation

[The incentive this week was a pretty intense one. But spirits seemed high at yesterday's party - even Blaze Dudely participated, albeit in a weird, oblique and pretty Mozu-centric way. Maybe this Friday will be different from the last two?

Everything seems quiet, at least.]

Second Investigation

[This week should have been quiet enough. There was no motive, after all, and all anybody had to do was go to their group therapy session. But the dwindling food supplies have left things tense, and the screaming robotic animals haven't helped much either, have they?

There's no blood outside the cells today. But there is a strong and rather unpleasant smell lingering in the air...]
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First Investigation

[It's your second Friday in Starfield Penitentiary, and four people are already dead. But at least there's been no murder among your own number yet; you've been relatively united against the recent pirate threat.

This morning, though, it looks like there's some blood out in the main foyer area. Investigate?]

the final investigation

[It's been a few days since more than one of the Champions have heard from PAL and by Wednesday afternoon this is still the case. The day starts off like the rest but around midday Cece is calling a meeting in the foyer.

Whatever it's about it seems important.]

sixth investigation

[It's Friday again but as of today it has been a full two weeks since someone has lost their life. The mansion is quiet, almost peaceful.

But we all know peace can only last so long in the Fantasy Sweet.]

the third investigation

[This week has been an interesting one to say the least. Feelings found, feelings lost, feelings repressed. Just feelings all around in one way or another. But there's always that terrible chance that PAL's motive has had the intended effect.

When the champions are awakened by the morning announcement their original abilities and powers have not been returned to them. It could be a good sign, a sign that they haven't lost another friend, but there's still that sinking feeling of dread that's starting to go hand-in-hand with Fridays.

Time to explore the mansion.]


[It's been one week since Mikaela and Mai died, and so far, it looks as though this week should have been safer than any. Everyone's been bonding closely, and though P.A.L. attempted to hand down secret motivations for murderer, they've been undermined somewhat by your willingness to share secrets.

You've all been doing well.

Nonetheless, something is amiss somewhere in the mansion this morning.]

The First Victim

[It's been three days since PAL's hostile takeover of the mansion, but despite some mysterious happenings, it seems as if the Champions have been growing closer to one another than ever. But on Friday morning, there's an odd feeling in the air.


The Final Investigation

[There's a moment of utter blackness upon passing through the window, and then a sensation of great heaviness and an abrupt change in orientation.

But when the Champions open their eyes, they'll find themselves lying on their backs, staring up at the same ceiling they saw through the looking glass. Each one has an oxygen mask over their nose and mouth providing crisp air, and some kind of headband around their foreheads, and there's glass curved in front of them.

Luckily, they aren't trapped for long, as their PIP detaches from the life support system with a hiss, and the glass overhead lifts up to let the Champions sit up and take stock of their surroundings.

Welcome to the real world.

The room the Champions awake in is a large pentagon, and the reason it looked different becomes obvious - the pods were lined up four along each wall, plus one that's next to and plugged into a large center tower. Every Champion is wearing their Champion's unitard, with their PIP still attached to their arm, and no inventory.

However, anyone who got any items back (which everyone should have gotten something, including a special present for the Ultimate Champion) will find those items piled at the foot of their pod.

((OOC: For the investigation, we ask you split off into two teams: Red Team will be Xander, Thomasin, Yurika, and Natsuhi, and will investigate rooms A and B. Blue Team will be Jane, Togami, Jamie, and the Doctor, and will investigate rooms 1 and 2.]

sixth victim

[At 7 AM on Friday, the mini-maps that allow the teleporter to be used all turn back on. Like any other time that the status quo has been abruptly restored at the end of the week, there's something ominous about it all the same. Especially on the fourth floor.]
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[Yet another Friday has rolled around, and despite what would seem like the Overseer's best efforts, another incentive has gone out. Once again, everyone who received a boon this week will find that they remain where they are - you get to keep those.

Once again, it is quiet here. You don't get to keep everything.]

fourth victim

[It's a new day, and everyone who was sabotaged finds themselves free of the sabotage - the electric locks on Jane's mittens, Lightning's skates, and Xander's spreader bar all come free. Xander will even find a familiar-looking outfit in his closet, almost as an apology for what he's had to endure over the last few days.

But there does appear to be something wet on the floor of the males' side of the first floor hallway...]

the third victim

[Friday has reared it's head again and, come 7 am, things are quiet. But haven't they been quiet the last two times as well? In the Champion Excellence Program, quiet means nothing. Unlike the sabotages last week, everyone who received a boon earlier in the week will find them exactly where they left them the night before. It seems the boons are thankfully more permanent than the sabotages.

Still, there's a general feeling of off-ness that permeates the air. Not so much on the first or third floors but definitely on the second floor.



[Friday is quiet. Seth will find his Champion unitards once again in his closet, Togami will find the collar and baby carrier both unlock to let him take them off, and the ring toss game is gone. By itself, this isn't too ominous; the sabotages were due to end on Friday anyway, and the "motive" earlier in the week had left people in arguably better spirits than they'd begun it.

But there's, anyway. Especially on the second floor. And, well, it's officially been a full week since the last time someone tried to make a bid for escape...


First Investigation

[It's been five days since the Champions woke up in the space station, and three days since Bolton's first incentive. And this morning, like the day of the incentive, Bolton is not in the library for his morning office hours. Unlike the day of the incentive, there is no breakfast being served either. The space station is still open for the champions' exploration, but there's something eerie about the suspension of routine, like unfinished business hanging in the air.

The Art Room door is ajar. Maybe someone's channeling their inner art student and pulling an all-nighter...?]