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May. 22nd, 2017 09:51 pm
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Mild Painkiller - A small bottle that says NSAID pain reliever/fever reducer on the side. Contains about 20 pills.

Playing Cards - A deck of playing cards. It has a sticker like it's from a casino, but it's not any casino on Earth.

Potato Chips - A bag of delicious greasy, salty potato chips. How can something so bad for you taste so good?

Fruit and Nut Basket - A large red straw basket filled with oranges, grapefruits, several varieties of apples, pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. Unfortunately, a nutcracker is not included.

Bottled Water - A bottle of clear mountain spring water.

Instant Ramen - A packet of instant ramen. Just add hot water and stir in the flavor packet for a basic college staple.

oh god get it away
Glove Me Daddy - A box of fifty lubricated condoms in randomized colors and flavors. If you want to get ecstatic, use a prophylactic!

Space Lube - A tube helpfully labeled Space Lube. The tube is as big as a full-grown man and weighs about 90 lbs.

Plumbus - Well, it's either a sex toy or a shower aid. Or both. Probably both. At least it comes with an owner's manual.

Church's Underwear - Put up the wolfjob, Barry

Gelatin - Instant fruit-flavored gelatin mix. Just add hot water, stir, and set in the fridge. You can even use cookie cutters to make fun shapes*! *Cookie cutters not included.

Model Time Machine - A blue and white model spaceship with a six-pointed red insignia on the... balls. It looks like a cock and balls.

Wanna See a Trick? - A set of six ping pong balls. They look white under normal light, but if you turn the lights out they glow.

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May. 22nd, 2017 10:54 am
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lmao i am so sorry for all this shit on anyone's access pages


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NOTE: This page only applies to Airlocked. Please go here for Ryslig impressions.

☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: Choromatsu is a young Japanese adult man in his early 20's (the actual age is never specified beyond "over 20" but the P.I.P. lists 21). While his height and weight aren't listed on the P.I.P., he is 5'3" tall in height, and very light in weight. His build is thin and scrawny, though healthy. Despite his age, he still has a round baby face. He has short black hair that he keeps meticulously tidy, with no stray hairs (he is the only one of the sextuplets with none). The style is akin is a bowl cut, with a full, straight fringe (more on this in "other"). His eyes are brown and noticeably beadier than his brothers. He is known to have an angular mouth that he often likens to the へ (he) kana.

♚ FASHION: Prefers slightly more formal clothes like button up shirts and slacks - he'll even wear a button up under a hoodie. His favorite colour is green and he wears it constantly. Also fond of plaid patterns. His trademark hoodie is his favorite thing to wear. A lot of his clothing has a simplified Japanese pine tree symbol on them, due to "matsu" meaning pine. For a list of his current outfits, check his inventory.

♚ POSTURE: Straight and proper.

♚ SOUND: Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. If you've heard his take on Itoshiki-sensei from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (you know, "Internet has left me in despair" guy) it's literally exactly that voice again. Some voice samples:
Rip in peace Karamatsu 1
Rip in peace Karamatsu 2
Rip in peace Karamatsu this time featuring Todomatsu
Choromatsu version of second ending theme (with Totoko)
Yelling compliation
Nervous voice cracking when talking to girls
Why he's the useless heterosexual
He has no singing samples but here's Kamiyan singing Aloha e Komo mai anyway

♚ SCENT: He has no specific scent, but he is very hygienic. Essentially he should smell clean and inoffensive.

♚ OTHER: Osomatsu-san has a very simple, cartoony style but despite that, Choromatsu shouldn't look like a child. He is short and does have a baby face so teenager is fine, but he should definitely look like an adult. Additionally, "less stylized" interpretations of his hair vary from artist to artist. To other characters, he could look anywhere from this, this or even this. (Art credits to [tumblr.com profile] blacklimes, [tumblr.com profile] denpasei and こまめきくこ respectively.) This doesn't matter too much obviously, but since there IS so much variance in the fandom I figured it was worth saying.


May. 22nd, 2017 10:31 am
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  • Airlocked Unitard - tries to avoid wearing if he can.
  • Formal Clothes - a white and green suit. He's taken to wearing once the pants and button up shirt now.
  • Modest Clothing - A pair of full-length black pants and a loose-fitting white turtleneck. It looks like something from an incredibly repressed futuristic society.

  • Concert Penlight - Mistaken for glowsticks by foreigners, these are a much needed staple of all idol fans. Can change between 15 different colours!
  • Good Vibes - A small, battery-powered device approximately the size and shape of a tube of chapstick. It vibrates pleasantly when the end is twisted.

Willing to Trade
  • The Good Stuff - A bottle full of large white pills. The label says "Oxycodone."

  • Nishitani's Underwear - Seeing as how "none" is not a valid answer, I hereby declare that Nishitani wears a pair of invisible (read: nonexistent) underwear. Popularized by 80s fashion trends, these undies has the added benefits of offering plenty of room to move in and provide absolutely no support for a man's junk at all. If you've ever wanted to just let 'em dangle, these are the undies for you. (Going to "lose" this immediately.)

R2 Livewatch Journal

May. 16th, 2017 09:03 am
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Airlocked! Season 3 Observation Journal

This is where I shall be recording unusual things I observe during the "show" in order to better facilitate our rescue of our friends and possible dismantling of the system propigating these "games", as well as some notes on the newest batch of "champions" in the hopes that, if they escaped and we find them, we can become allies.

ADDENDUM: If I am beginning to show signs of distress or agitation while investigating I am to set this journal down immediately and go lay down somewhere in the company of someone else, as requested by pretty much everyone else. If I need to hit something, I will ask Xander to spar with me. If I need to cry, I'm to go to Yurika. If I am absolutely a ball of anxious energy then I shall throw myself into something beneficial for everyone else on board. If I just need a hug: Jamie, Xander, Yurika, the Doctor, Thomasin, Natsuhi can provide in that order. If I'm able to contain myself after viewing I can go to Togami and bounce theories off of him.

- Twenty Champions again, very lavish VR location. Space mansion? Guess they can program whatever setting they like so long as it has appeal. Also, formalwear. Wow. Rude. Still creepy that they're getting enough info to program these clothes on. Seems to be a lot of important people in the mix yet again. Items have been stolen from them, likely distributed by Benefactors again. Update: four more floors, plus garden house. Network does not want them to open them up yet, likely they're waiting for murder.

- C.E.C.E. replaced with P.A.L. - what does this acronym stand for?

- PIPs again - some people tried taking theirs off from the getgo. Oh God please don't do that again. They're catching on quickly to various possibilities - recording information in them gets fed to the higher ups, the possibility of being hijacked...good, so they're not unaware. They've also quickly figured out the power nerfing.

- More memory and profile inconsistencies. Very likely that their memories have been tampered with as well.




- Insisting the rule of murder is only a corporate technicality YEAH AND I'M ACTUALLY THE DUNCAN HEINS HEIRESS, I'm not buying it for a second. Just saying something's present for contractual obligation doesn't mean it's not going to be used.

- Oh wow so THEY get told right off the bat they're being watched on intergalactic television, thanks. Wonder what the lag is between filming, editing, and airing if they're airing episodes daily. It might not be too too long or we might be watching a whole gang of dead folks walking...I hope it's the former...

- The year 6972??????????

- ...Kip's willing to bet his own life that no one here will kill each other? DO YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO YOU FUCKER

- "Edible Memory edition of Lovelocked" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

- "The Audience". The - the damned AUDACITY of EP and their goons...how willing would the audience be to participate if they knew what you were really doing?

- ...A multibillion-person orgy three years ago, what. Worldwide hormonal shift, breaking mind control...just what sort of universe is this?

- OH and they get told right away that the PIP is basically fed right into your flesh OKAY GREAT THANKS

- Do they have footage of our friends' "deaths"? Is that what he's threatening to show if they want to get out of the station?

- "Last season ended a couple of months ago" I mean it's true but at the same time it simply grinds me up inside to even THINK of this whole situation as a show with seasons...

- So EP couldn't get the backing or rights to actually revive The Bachelor, so they decide they'll make it a murderfest instead and just dress it up with roses and sloppy makeouts. Eugh.

- I know it's just a VR simulation, but no escape pods because they're unnecessary...I want to know if that's actually a thing in this weird year of 6972 or if he's just making it up for the sake of the simulation.

- Kip shows a disdain for water when listing the amenities of the mansion. Will he melt like the Wicked Witch of the West if soaked?

- "The Boner Uprising of 6969". Long pants and turtlenecks - is that where those outfits are from???

- WHO IS THIS CECE LADY AND WHY IS SHE NAMED CECE is she the same intern who worked on our ship or a different one? I highly doubt InterGal7 doesn't have a whole battalion of interns but what the HELL. "Keep the host on task"...what's the task then, murder? Cece Diver, I'm watching you. ADDENDUM: not the intern who probably worked on our ship.

- They gave them a NICE KITCHEN and FOOD TO COOK WITH [Her handwriting gets more angry and scribbly here. There's a lot of cross-outs. The paper is torn in a couple of them. This was a really fucking sore point for her okay.] At least there are people making use of it. Good.

- They get a garden and a pool right off the bat, too. AND a hot tub. Guess they really want people to be all romantic and flirty and half dressed. This is so ridiculous.

- Designated rest areas? So are they allowed to SLEEP in those????? What the heck. What in the HECK.

- ...I want a tattoo. I think I'll get one. Yeah. It's. I'm different now. I'll always be different now. I think I need one. [There are a few doodles of a stylized squiggle with a very simple flower in various places in and around its tendrils.]

- Kind of weird to see that everyone's sharing rooms...two to a room, FOUR to a bathroom. Makes it much less isolated. Unless the numbers whittle down significantly, it's going to be very difficult to hide a body or evidence without someone noticing.

- Oh of course. The return of the silver footie pajamas. Must be part of the "Airlocked" brand name. Blech.

- Good to see they're having meetings...hopefully they keep those up. They're important.

- No death on the first Friday. Kip showed up to show off his "goods" instead. Blech. Not surprised they marketed the heck out of that espresso bar, though. I hate EP but I can't say their methods for merchandising aren't sound for business.

- This sleepover thing is going to be 100x happier than what ours was. Which I'm a little glad for. They don't need to have exhausted post-mortal-peril parties. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Though it was kind of fun to lay on Jamie. :B

- Kip claims that Jamie and Bolton were actors. Either he's bluffing to keep up the facade or he really has no idea. Even if he didn't know, it doesn't excuse his taste in coffee OR not knowing Bolton's name. And if he knows, he's laying it on especially thick. It really does make me want to punch him right in the face.

- They're giving out those weird little gifts again. The Bearies are back - InterGal7 must have a contract going with them. Again, anything remotely weaponlike is nerfed to plastic. I also see that Christine Junior rides again; must get a lot of mileage out of those silly tiny cars. And...underwear? Eugh. Also WHY IS THERE A FRIED SPIDER WHAT IT'S SO BIG???????????????

- And so far C.E.C.E. is the only AI in the entire whatever-verse to not actually be evil because WE'RE ON OUR SECOND WEEK AND PAL HAS TAKEN OVER!!!! Incentive issued - the reissue of powers, most likely to their full capacity, should anyon succeed. Kip and Cece specifically stated to not have significant talents to make them into Champions, couldn't contact the network - probably because no murder had happened. This might be a joint lesson for them too? Kip and PAL implied to have a past, perhaps? There is a guest house on the grounds. All the windows have been sealed - as if anybody had a way out into space even if they got out. Oh God. Please don't give in...please make it through...

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May. 15th, 2017 05:16 am
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Queenie Goldstein
☆ Champion Pukwudgie

12 ¾" ǁ Beech ǁ White River Monster Spine

Me! Still weirded out by not being able to hear anyone's thoughts but it's getting less weird? It's actually pretty neat, having to ask questions and stuff. It's made for some really awful misunderstandings though.

☆ Champion Traitor

11 ½ ǁ Hazel ǁ ???

Seems like a sweet girl, if a little shy. I'm glad she was able to tell people about her abilities at Nari's meeting. in a place like this keeping secrets like that would be so stressful. It's the same reason I did.

Cooking lessons need to be a thing. And soon.

Ardyn Izunia
☆ Champion of the Infernian

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Hasn't talked to him, just overhearing some of the way he talked about magic at the meeting makes me a little uncertain of him.

☆ Champion Sovereign

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Oh she is too sweet to be real.

☆ Champion Useless Heterosexual

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

He's certainly uh... dramatic?

☆ Champion Bystander

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

And here is Queenie's unadultered opinion of you folks so play nice.

☆ Champion of Resistance

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Pretty sure her very existance scares him. She needs to fix this somehow. Apparently not by marking up the cook books?

☆ Champion of Compassion

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Turns into a walking suit of armor? Is really neat. Also very handsome. May or may not need to relax by the pool more when he's around.

Homare Nishitani
☆ Champion Chairman of the Kijin Clan, A Subsidiary of the Omi Alliance

13 ¼ ǁ Blackthorn ǁ ???

Technically he is a criminal but technically so are all of the rum runners in New York and everywhere else in the US. They've got the right idea, mobsters, and they've always gotta have a blond bombshell on their arm. Besides he showers me in compliments and, so far as I've seen, has been nothing but nice. Handsy, but nice.

Do need to yell at him for hitting Rhys. Also need to teach him Euchre... maybe with Nari and Roland or Junpei?

Junpei Tenmyouji
☆ Champion Challenger

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

He's so smart and curious. Now if only he weren't so hung up on science.

Never give him firewhiskey, the boy will implode.

Lee Misniewski
☆ Champion Comeback

11 ½ ǁ Dogwood ǁ ???

This girl knows everything. Between her and Nari I might actually get up to date. Seems to genuinely want to help out and keep things organized.

Leonard Church
☆ Champion Ghost

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Ruggedly handsome, a bit of a flirt, and a soldier. I need to be keep an eye on him to make sure he's coping okay.

And make sure he doesn't light the kitchen on fire again.

Mai Kawasumi
☆ Champion Scapegoat

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Odd. Duck.

Okay still odd but maybe just really painfully shy?

Mary Batson
☆ Champion Batson

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

And here is Queenie's unadultered opinion of you folks so play nice.

☆ Champion of the Millenium Tree Forest

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

And here is Queenie's unadultered opinion of you folks so play nice.

Nari Reno
☆ Champion Elementalist

12 ¼ ǁ Cedar ǁ ???

Roomie! Nari is full of fun facts and mostly seems to be really accepting of the whole legilmens/witch thing. She's organized and confident and reminds Queenie so much of her sister it hurts.

☆ Champion Hacker

11 ¾ ǁ Elm ǁ ???

He's a sweetheart and curious but seems to be just ambitious enough that he's been filed as "Thunderbird" in my head. He's so nice to talk to and he seems to enjoy my cooking so that's a plus for him. Got in a fight with 'Tani but has acknowledged that it was a bad idea at least.

Roland King
☆ Champion of Lokapala

12 ǁ Ash ǁ ???

Very smart and seems to be haunted a bit by things that have happened back home. He's very intellectual and it makes her feel smart just talking to him. His magic is more reactive than hers though and she has to wonder if she might be able to help him refine his control a little. Not that she's a teacher or anything.

☆ Champion Tactician

10 ¾ ǁ Hawthorn ǁ ???

Knows what magic is!! But also seems to think we'll be attacked at any moment. He seems awfully skittish and that can make people dangerous. WE've started having some down time in the mornings to brush out his hair and help him calm down after his nightmares, poor thing. Hopefully things will get better for him given some time to rest here without worrying about this war going on back in his home.

Yuuri Wakasa
☆ Champion Green Thumb

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

And here is Queenie's unadultered opinion of you folks so play nice.

Kip Larimer
☆ Overseer

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Okay so maybe he's not being intentionally unhelpful. I think he may just honestly be as lost as the rest of us on what's going on here.

He seems to think our families have been informed of what's going on and we're all going to get paid for this mess.

Cece Diver
☆ Intern

??? ǁ ??? ǁ ???

Adorable and fashionable, what's not to like?