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The Doctor ([personal profile] stitch_in_time) wrote in [community profile] theairlock2017-03-25 09:38 pm
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Dance All Night And Party a lot less than a day because we're all exhausted

[So, first things first, the Doctor is taking a nice long shower.]

[After that though, later in the day, everyone will find a note shoved under their door, and few others posted around the station in places people might visit:]

I don't think any of us should be alone tonight. Meet in the cafeteria. Bring blankets and pillows.

[Thomasin's copy is written in handwriting he's made an effort to make simple and blocky, and also includes a helpful little doodle pointing to the cafeteria along with some blobby things that are probably meant to be a blanket and pillow.]

[Once they arrive, they'll find that the Doctor has brought down a selection of foods and snacks from the Cat Cafe and Diner, and managed to haul the popcorn machine from the media room.]

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