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now that you are not around, my world fades to a dull, lifeless grey

[Rukia will come around to everyone's rooms later, with bunny-laden notes inviting them up to the diner. When they arrive, they'll find that one of the tables in the back has been covered over with a length of fabric from the sewing room and is serving as a makeshift altar, with rosemary and, for some reason, a bottle of whiskey sitting on it alongside cutesy drawings of all the dead thus far. (Just like last time, Seth gets a spiteful no symbol across his face.)

Yurika's there too, and she speaks first:]

Thank you. I... I'm sorry for suspecting some of you a little. I was worried no matter what happened, and I knew it would be hard, but you were all innocent. If anybody wants to talk, we can.
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Keep we to pattern, next week there will be no motive. At least there's that.
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...yeah. But I don't know if I want to hope for patterns right now.

[Because that would also mean they'll find another dead body this Friday.]
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[ She nods quickly, grimacing. ]

We've none set on fomenting strife, this time. [ None of them can really know that, which she is going to ignore right now! ] It must be different. We must.
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We will.

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[ WELLLLLLLL no she's going to nod look at how sincere she is ]


It seems cold to wonder about the next floor now, and yet...
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Oh! No, this is a good time to wonder about the next floor. A great time.

[Because the next floor probably isn't literally a murder!]
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[ Let's talk about this instead! Hooray!! ]

So much of their providence hath been strange to me... but that is true of most things. Is there any room you hope for, Frederica?
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An escape pod would be nice.

[Ha. Ha. Too bad she's talking to the one person who wouldn't even get that joke.]

Seriously... maybe some kind of lounge area? It's hard to think of things that wouldn't be dangerous.
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Even that which seems innocent might be turned to a foul purpose.


I mean, um -- what was the name of Goodwife Ushiromiya's boon? I suppose we might have fashioned a room's worth.
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I think it's called a Roomba. Yeah, I guess we could have gotten all the knives from the kitchen and...

[...and start giggling, apparently. A FLEET OF STABBY ROOMBAS.]
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That would be too wicked! Someone would surely see them missing and think evil had been done, and all go searching, and then...

[ Okay, she can't help it, she's muffling laughter into her hand. ]
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Ambushed! By the slow-moving circles of doom!

[This is the best change of subject ever.]
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They must walk from the fiends before 'tis too late! At a reasoned pace.
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But watch out! One of them... has a fork!
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No! How canst thou even speak of it?
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I have to... I was the only one to escape... everyone has to be warned...
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Such selflessness... there is but one hope now. We must away and fetch the dodgeballs.
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The dodgeballs... can even survival justify such a high price?
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They would want us to live, I know it!
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Their sacrifice won't be in vain.