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The bodies in my floor all trusted someone. Now I walk on them to tea.

[After the trial, Xander does what he does best. What always blanks his mind when training is not an option:

He organizes.

The hot food for lunch is out still, and while he feels far from hungry, he knows they all SHOULD eat. Everyone wanders off to take care of their own grief, and he lets them for now- and instead busies himself at the espresso bar. There's something specific he wants to do.

Later, under each door, and with the same thing written on the white board he had dragged out for meetings:]

There is hot food and tea in the cafeteria, and while I have no stomach for food it is there for those that can.

While it is tempting to be alone right now, if you wish company I shall be there until evening. Now may be a good time to compare new information while it is fresh.

If not, please stay well.


[And as promised there is fresh tea. Green tea in fact, though it lacks the milk Chitanda made- but basic tea he can manage at least]
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[Ricky is fashionably late. She doesn't seem very talkative, just sitting alone with a cup of tea she's mostly ignoring, but at least she doesn't appear to have been murdered by Kurumi or anything.]
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[Just as Frederica had asked, Angelica hadn't interfered with whatever had passed between her and Kurumi. Still, when she notices Frederica sitting alone, she approaches. She doesn't say anything, either, just sits down with her own cup of tea.]
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[She has a lot on her mind, and doesn't immediately react. It's hard to think what to say, in part because it's hard to keep her mind on this subject and away from murder and vacuum and zombies. But after a moment:]

Thank you.
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...No. I did nothing.
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You stood up for me.

[Well, a whole bunch of people did, but this isn't the first time she's caught Angelica being decent to her.]
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Maybe. But there wasn't any point to blaming you.

[She might have let it ride if Kurumi had been right, but... She hadn't.]
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But even I wasn't sure of that.

[look being modest about it is not going to make her less cool]
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Because you were too caught up in emotion. The only one who holds any responsibility is the one who made the decision to kill.
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I know that, but... it didn't feel that way.

[, "too caught up in emotion."]

So thank you. ...and thank you for backing off when I said, too.
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Just as I said. The two of you were too emotional.

[And of course Angelica has to point that out.]

...If you didn't want me to interfere, it wasn't my place to. That's all.
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[She nods. But she sees you being nice, Angelica! You came over here to check on her, didn't you?

Then, after a moment...]

Hey. Could you call me "Ricky" from now on?
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...Very well. [She's used to being formal, so it's a little odd, but...] Ricky, then.
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Thanks. I think I'll feel a little better that way. Do you have something you'd rather I called you, too?

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[She shakes her head.]

You may call me whatever you like. My family has never called me by any nickname.
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Well, I don't really need to use one or anything. I just thought I should ask.

[But how can she pass up this opportunity to focus on New Friendship and not think about death?]

I guess the obvious nickname would be Angie.
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As I said, if that's what you'd like to use, I have no objections. My name is a bit long for some, I suppose.
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Actually, maybe Angelica suits you better after all.
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Just. Peeks over the rim of her cup as she takes another sip of tea. She has no preference, so she'll let Ricky work it out on her own.]
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...yeah, let's stick with Angelica.

[And she takes a sip of her tea, too. Hm, maybe letting it get cold was a bad idea.]