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Welcome to the Program

Good Morning, Champions. In the interest of maintaining healthy sleep patterns, a day/night cycle is in effect. Your presence is expected in the cafeteria in exactly one hour.

[The voice comes through not a large speaker, but through the device that's attached to each Champion's arm. Further investigation of the features of the device will reveal a list of profiles, a mini-map, and a list of rules. The hallways are shiny white and silver, with running lights along the floor and lights on the ceiling, and at the junction of the hallways is a sign with a knife and fork icon and an arrow pointing down the hall.

Welcome to the Excellence Program, Champions. Time to get to know your teammates.]
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But how? Nobody should have the technology to build a launch vehicle.
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What? But there are ships all over the place! I'm more worried that we somehow ended up on a vessel that doesn't look like it belongs to the UEAF. It's definitely not Nergal, either.
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I don't... wait.

[Okay, so she doesn't have any empirical evidence that there weren't any spaceships around anymore. And given that she's clearly on one now...]

But... there weren't supposed to be...
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Everyone's saying all different things. I don't understand this one bit. All I know is that I was back on Earth, and then I wasn't.
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Well we had the same experience there, at least. And I was right in the middle of something, too.
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My crew should have been able to keep me from being kidnapped, right? Who on earth did this?
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Do you have any idea why someone would have kidnapped you?
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Probably because I'm the captain of the Nadesico! See, they even put it on my profile on this weird thing.
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Oh, we have profiles on this?

[Turning it on and just paging over to that, ignoring the rules for now because she's going to find those in another thread and I'm going to pretend this all works out chronologically, and.]

So you're... Yurika Misumaru?

[why does it say Ricky is impatient]
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Thaaaaaaaat's me! [is she giving a v-sign.] My ship is the strongest in Earth's fleet! Well, it technically wasn't in Earth's fleet, but the bureaucrats back on Earth ended up incorporating us recently.
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[IS IT TIME FOR ASK ASHLEY? Yeah, Ricky's pretty sure neither Earth's fleet nor its bureaucrats are a thing, buuuut they've already confused themselves plenty on that subject.]

...sounds hard.
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[personal profile] ratherdoweddings 2017-02-12 11:45 pm (UTC)(link) is. [Her face falls, but she takes a deep breath and pumps her fists.] But I'm not letting the space forces or those Jovian Lizards get me down! We're going to end the war and all live happily!
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There's a war?


okay it probably should have been obvious

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They've been trying to invade us ever since they appeared, and they've already taken over Mars and the Moon!
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People live on Mars?!
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[There's a solemn pause and Yurika stares at the floor.]

We did.
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I'm sorry.
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It's... [She takes a deep breath and smiles, pumping her fists.] Don't worry! The war can't go on forever, and we'll fix everything from there!
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...right. The war has to end someday.

[It could totally end with HUMAN EXTINCTION or something but let's not bring that up.]
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So until then, we've all got to do our best! Well, first we have to get off of this place.
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I guess that means step one is... waiting here for whatever they want us for.